The Heart Bear Circle – 12 Days

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This tour offers all you can imagine when it comes to wildlife, nature experiences and relaxation. All overnight stays are in comfortable characteristic hotels or in high quality luxury cabins with lots of comfort. The tour holds 2 adventure experiences on two different ventures each with warm, safe yet basic accomodations:

Tiveden, Hamgården (2 nights)

The tour starts at Hamgården Tiveden Nature Resort at the east side of lake Unden in the heart of Sweden. Here you´ll sleep in a typical Swedish ‘timmerstuga” in your own hotelroom with terrace and view over the lake and forest. Lots of activities are just around the corner.The hilly and wild forest landscape, the beautiful clear lakes, the giant boulders at Stenkälla, the view from the Trollkyrka mountains and the white beach at Vitsand makes Tiveden one of the most remarkable national parks in Sweden.

Bergby, Hedenstugan B&B Hotel (2 nights)

After a total renovation in 2013, a former epidemic hospital has been transformed into a countryside hotel,  close to the forest and near the baltic coast you can enjoy real fresh seafood at  “Trollharens Fisk” or “Axmarbrygga” restaurant and nothing is more exciting than discovering the country throughout beautiful landscapes while biking and hiking with your friends or family.

Head out from Bergby to the moose park in Ockelbo and get up close and personal with some of these noble creatures. Learn all about these magnificent animals while seeing them in their natural habitat.

Kårbole, WildlifeSweden (2 nights)

Go crazy if you want…, experience the sound of silence if you wish.  Wildlife watching,  Nature Photography, Fishing and Outdoorfun. Join guided wildlifetours and safari’s where we take you out in the Swedish Wilderness to let you see the Brown-bear, Moose, Beaver and Wolverine in their natural habitat. Even Black grouse, Wood grouse and many other birds can be seen in Ängra.

Arvika, Guesthouse Eleven (2 nights)

Sleep in one of the tastefully decorated bedrooms. Lots of on-spot activities. Plenty of nature, space and lakes: the province Värmland has more than 10,000! Dozens of them are within a half hour drive from Arika. You can make beautiful canoe trips in various places. There is also a canoe adventure included.

Or take a trip to Kongsvinger Fortress , the fortress is situated north-east of Oslo near the border with Sweden. The fortress towers high above the town and the River Glomma, and it is one of the most characteristic Baroque fortresses in Norway.

Askersund, Hotel PerOlofGården (3 nights)

The last accomodation in the tour is Hotel Per Olof Gården, despite being tucked away from the bustling city, Per Olof Gården is fully equipped with modern amenities creating a sense of balance between tranquility and modern comforts.

Summer times are dominated by the local outdoor and leisure possibilities or try out the garden labyrinth, the labyrinth consisting of a system of gravel paths separated by tall hedgerows, the labyrinths were popular in the castle gardens and large estates during the 1700s and 1800s.

Beside the labyrinth there is an amphitheater. The design allows seating blends into the hill. Both the audience and musicians can enjoy the fine acoustics welcome. During the summer season there are various performances and concerts.

More infomation

The Hart Bear Circle tour includes 5 organized or guided days with hiking, biking, visit a moosepark, bear safari and kajak tours.
The accommodations range in style from restored houses to charming B&B and more. All are in beautiful settings, by a lake or a river, a fishing village, an old town or in the farming heartland.

Basic package includes (based on two sharing):
11x overnight stays in a double room
11x breakfast
5x dinner with local specialities and products

The price for this 12 days tour is SEK 13937 per person