Hotel PerOlofGården – Askersund

Sov gott och mår bra! Sleep tight and feel good!

Hotel PerOlofGården is a unique hotel and meeting place in the fantastic lake environment of central Sweden. A meeting place for hotel guests, nature lovers, and conference participants who seek a “smultronstället”. Smultronstället, literally means “the wild strawberry patch”, but idiomatically means an underrated gem of a place (often with personal or sentimental value).

The central position in The Heart of Sweden is perfect Point for numerous trips. Even the opera house and shopping centre are closeby Every season leaves its charm on PerOlofGården. Summer times are dominated by the local outdoor and leisure possibilities. When autumn looms, we reconvene indoors and light the open fireplace. There you can enjoy your meal in the warmth of a cheerful, crackling fire while the northern wind shapes the lake outside the window.

With easy access to the hotel and very good Communication and transport opportunities the style hotel offers all the Comfort you need.

Here you will find the starting point for several arrangements. Either you arrive with private transport or flying in to nearby Örebro Airport ( 20 minute drive), we will take good care of you.

  1. Biking on   leisure tours  or enjoy mountain bike eldorado  – all from weekend to full week arrangements
  2. Golf arrangements  – enjoy a full three days ( weekend or midweek) on three of our most beautiful courses
  3. Exploring Lake Vättern  with Fishing arrangements or even Sailing away with an experienced skipper